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All writing and publishing stories here are real events that really did for me throughout my life, I still havnt make connections, but I have the luck to have some wonderful experiences, but perhaps embellished with artistic freedom fulfilled for all true and the good memories. This is the story of my first experience swinging, one night he did not expect and will never forget. The wife of my friend and I were clubs with another couple, who had all drank perfectgirls a lot and the girls did their boobs, flashed a couple of guys, we went to the club and leave the house another couple, we are three in three facts, get a bit worse for the goods, once inside, he went upstairs to change his bedding and left with a blanket. I'll call him Tom, for the benefit of perfectgirls these memories, a pair of glasses that sat in the chair with them two on the couch with a blanket over them. Tom and I are big fans of porn, so do not be surprised perfectgirls when the remote control and a warm lit som 3played on the TV s my ​​cock began to grow and as I have views on the couch I was sure I saw something moving under the sheets to take advantage of the level, I began to perfectgirls grow a little more difficult to see on the screen and the girl Fucked 2 cocks in her pussy and she was loving it, I looked back on the couch watching now under the sheets and, of course, gives a blowjob Tom was not sure what he asked I did, if perfectgirls it was to give them some privacy Tom just wanted to kidnap the blanket and perfectgirls said you can if you want to join. Now, with my dick now rock solid and drip, what to do man, I got up and went with her to the quick in one motion grabbed my ass and I was caught close button my pants and spread of the fly that broke my jeans and boxers and grabbed my cock eagerly swallowed almost to the hilt now I have a rooster cut 7. 5 inches ( just over 2 inches longer than Tom, who was very pleased to see ) has n I have received during theTom's life suck behind his wife and kicked her every stroke my cock slid down her throat, she reached around and grabbed the cheeks of my ass as I sucked, you have a real cooling time, wetting his finger in my mouth put it in my hole and I was very little ankles something I am sure you have sent me over the edge, if not for the drink was consumed and an indicator of what had been to reach a later meeting. Tom said we have to change and when I got behind her, saw how wet I was literally dripping her leg and had to lick her taste and tasting her juices were making moan with pleasure, 'Fuck you,' said Tom ' Yes, fuck me,' continued she was in position and set the only head of my cock between her lips dripping ' Fuc.. ' he began, and went to my house a hard cock stuffed ball quickly to my dressing room that fresh air and saw Tom take this opportunity to further push his cock windown her throat, I was fucking her pussy hard with everything that was not the closest, but so moist and warm, ' swap Tom came to shout' I'm close, and I share his semen, ' which again had this Tom was then climbed back to his wife and within a few strokes of his load deep shot his wife, turned to, once again, that water flow registered with me, I saw Tom is cum exudation of 'Come that I was not like the idea not so much turned me off, but because Tom was there and I did perfectgirls not know what he thought of me, ' they go at it,' he smiled and that was all the encouragement needed, I bent down and the mixture was filtered sperm from him and not stop at her pussy wives, once the rubbing of the tail that was about to cum, and said covering everything was my cock in her face she took in her mouth and sucked my name straw joy because I have several large loads shot my eyes tightly shut as I perfectgirls did when I opened my eyes was covered in hot spunk dripping from the nose and chin, which obviously does not aspire to masturbate over and shot him in the face like real porn cum. for all of us go, that was the end of a night totally unexpected and wonderful, but not the end of our meets or balance my career I'm happy after a perfectgirls couple of my experiences here, perfectgirls if you love them, and I love to hear your comments on this topic.
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